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Born in Romania/Bucharest (1984), she graduated from the Police Academy of Bucharest with a Master degree in Business Law and Administration in 2011. Was the same year she decided to leave Romania and move to Switzerland, to start fresh and work on her dreams, where she created her first few paintings sold in Lugano. She already knew what direction she wanted to take in the future and she didn't stop there and perceived as a prestigious pursuit of “searching for pure art.”

"I was always confident that I had made the best choice because it's not about our art, it's abut our souls, and all I ever wanted was to tell my story not in the foreign languages I learned and speak, but in the language I speak most fluently and eloquently: painting. I attempted to express my perceptions of timeless content and values and If you ask me to talk about my art, I would probably start talking about the world I dreamed as a child, a world where you can relieve yourself and defeat your demons, where you can turn a mistake into a wonderful splash of colors and the only world where I can keep my emotional integrity. By contrast and colors my paintings reflect my reality and my imagination. Each painting that I create is a piece of my life’s story and my soul, a scene which I lived or I am still living and a fruit of my imagination."

After several months in Switzerland and Italy, she decided to see, learn and to know more, so she moved to Paris in 2013 where she perfected her painting technique combining at the same time various techniques, some of the more unusual and hand-painting.
After her first visit in Belgium, she decided to move there in January 2014.
Few months after, after a private exhibition at EIB Luxembourg, she moved back in Romania so she can prepare her travel to USA/New York City.

"This moment of my life is the greatest challenge for my development, as part of my artistic exploration and I like to call it “the chaotic grandeur of my soul's journey”.
I often face my demons or run away from them, but in the end it is the same adventure whose final destination is MYSELF.
I believe that without hard work, sacrifices and efforts, any native talent we have is useless. Art exists inside of soul and creativity within the artist’s blood; we are born with it, we inherit it, but how we express it is strictly our ability to self-develop and personal expression. We have to allow our art form to change as intuition demands.
They say “home is where the heart is”, but for me “home is where the art is “.
I am a Fantasy Figurative Artist living in New York City now, I look for illusion in my art, attempting to deceive the eye of the viewer. I love to create free art, which is interpreted individually, in line with particular contexts. I like to let go of my imagination where the reality of those around me ends."

In the following year, in July 23rd she took part in the Glimpse Exhibition, Manhattan/NYC, and since then she decided to share her love for art and techniques becoming an Art Instructor.

" I like to mix Acrylic and Oil colors, but at the same time I am always looking for new different techniques. To be honest, I really don't know if I create Art or the art creates me, but what I know is that, creating art brings many things back together."

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